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June 25, 2019

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Magdaleneans are an evolving mix of the past and present embracing the future.


Working cowboys still ride the range while world-class and novice astronomers investigate stunningly clear skies. Hispanic, Navajo and Anglo people share and blend their heritages. Artists invite you to their Galleries to view indigenous folk art and prize-winning, modern works. Musicians showcase a range of music from the blues to blue grass. Volunteers pitch in to keep public services running.


Have you felt the awe of the high desert mountains recently? Have you seen abundant wildlife and striking vistas? Did you take the opportunity to wander amid the relics of mining past? Did you find any Smithsonite?


Explorers looked in awe at the profile of the "Lady of the Mountain" over 500 years ago. Have you seen her as she presents herself for summer?

As you can read below and may already know, she is why our Village came to be named "Magdalena."


Whether you live here or are visiting, plan to bring the family or a laptop, enjoy freshly prepared food often locally grown. Cup of "es-press-o" coffee, anyone?


We offer this Guide to help visitor and residents alike learn what they didn’t know about Magdalena…or forgot. It is one way we communicate with due reverence for both our multi-cultural heritage and our vibrant future.


We welcome your comments. Candor is appreciated.


Linda Swisher-Smiley & Sigrid McCabe & Folks from MagEBoard


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