Sigrid Mccabe Sculpture



                   Artist Bio

Sigrid McCabe (b.1953, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 

lives and works in Magdalena, New Mexico)

studied at the University of North Carolina at

Chapel Hill and Columbia University.  McCabe

creates figurative sculptures that are influenced by 

folklore and natural history to explore the wisdom

of animals along with the economy of nature.

McCabe's exhibition history includes solo  exhibitions at White Columns, New York, NY, and

group exhibitions in New York, NY at The Drawing

Center, Art in General, Victoria Munroe Gallery,

Tower Gallery among others.




Sigrid McCabe's sculpture uses the tradition of combining human

and animal forms to explore the meaning of our experiences. 

The figures emote qualities through the gaze, the gesture, dance

and color.   All of the work is glazed ceramic stoneware.

A Conversation

with Catherine DeMaria in 2014

Warehouse 1-10 Contemporary Art,

Magdalena, NM

CD: What inspired you to create the early totems in wood?

SM: I was grouping female forms in a line up,  

gesturing against the wall, some vying for

attention, some choosing to be a wallflower. They were very exposed as if baring all in a

dance recital. The figures were cut out of

plywood and were larger than life. Often I

used clay mixed with polymer to add some  

anatomical details for dimension & shadows.

CD:  What inspires you to create the hybrid beings you are now creating?
SM:  When I look back through my work there

is a continuum--there are people, plants and  animals.  There is often some sort of motion   through time, like by combining music and dance, or human and animal. Some are

hybrid portraits where the person is combined with an animal to realize a bigger picture.

CD: Your work seems archetypical to me.  

How do you feel about that?
SM:  Well I do believe that humans inherit or  learn from a collective unconscious. This

unconscious understanding of life and of each  

other may depend to a degree on the given

culture we are born into.  I am definitely drawn

to making work that contains a story that

people can relate to without reading a caption.